Do Blind Dates Work?

Do Blind Dates Work?

Blind Dates

When two people go on a date together that has been arranged by a friend, a work colleague, a family member or even a dating service, it is known as a blind date. The two people involved usually have never met and know limited information about each other. If a date has been arranged via an online dating service such as Completely Free Dating, then both people involved will probably know more about each other due to being in regular contact beforehand.

Can a blind date be successful?

Yes, a blind date can be successful. Many relationships have developed as a result of a blind date. There is a chance that any date, not just a blind date, will be successful, or not. It is all about the two people involved and how compatible they are together. As with any date, there will be occasions when there is no connection at all with your date, but that is something that won’t be discovered until you go on a date. Usually, before a normal date is arranged there is an attraction between two people, but with a blind date, you are trusting the judgement of others to set you up with someone they believe you will be compatible with. If your friends and family know what you like and dislike in a date, then there is a greater chance of you being set up with someone you could have a real connection with.

Should I try a blind date?

Not everyone is willing to try a blind date. Some people have the attitude that “It will never work for me”. With that attitude, it won’t work. If you go on a blind date with a laid back attitude, not expecting your date to be your next partner, then there is no reason why you won’t enjoy yourself. Like with any date, if you attend believing that they are the one for you, then you end up putting extra pressure on yourself, which can lead to even greater disappointment. Many people try a blind date when they haven’t had much dating luck elsewhere. Although you may feel a little disheartened about finding someone, you have nothing to lose by attending a blind date. The hard work of finding a date will have been done for you, leaving you to think about your first date clothing and the actual date itself.

What is the difference between a blind date and a normal date?

One of the main difference between a blind date and a normal date is that with a blind date the “finding a date” process has been done for you. You put your faith entirely in the person who arranges the date for you. If the person who arranges the date knows you both well, then that will give you something common to talk about. Also, prior to the date you can ask your friend or family member questions about the date and find out as much information as you can about them. This is something that you can’t really do if you found a date yourself with someone you have just met. People often struggle to try to get a date, but with a blind date, you don’t need to worry about that part.

Blind date positive points

  • The person who arranges the date should know you well and only fix you up with someone they believe you are compatible with, hopefully increasing the chance of a successful date.
  • You don’t have to arrange the date yourself, therefore you don’t have to go through the process of approaching a potential date, talking to them and arranging a time to meet up.
  • You are able to find out information about your date from the person who set you up. You can ask them as many questions as you like prior to meeting them.
  • By both knowing the same person or people who set you up will give you something in common to discuss on your date.
  • By going on a blind date you will gain more dating experience and perhaps even a relationship, therefore you have nothing to lose.

Blind date negative points

  • You rely on your friends to set you up with someone they believe you will be compatible with but their judgement might be slightly different to yours.
  • There can be awkward moments on a blind date, especially if there is no spark between you both.
  • You might find that you have absolutely nothing in common to talk about, apart from the mutual person who arranged the date, and conversation can dry up, creating more awkward moments.
  • Attending a blind date can leave you feeling stressed and emotional, especially if it doesn’t go as you’d hoped.
  • Others can pressurise you into going on a blind date, especially if they arrange it before checking with you.

Remember that just because you arrange a date yourself it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a success. With a blind date, you have nothing to lose really; there is no reason why it couldn’t work out for you, possibly leading to a relationship. Whether you go on a blind date or arrange a date yourself, it can still have exactly the same outcome, so before you immediately turn down the chance to go on a blind date in the future, think it through carefully before you make your decision.

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