How to stay safe with online dating

How to stay safe with online dating
Online dating is perfectly safe, as long as you act responsibly. There are hidden dangers out there, but they are no different from meeting people in person. Whether you meet someone through a dating website or meet them in person, you are responsible for your own actions and it is down to you to not put yourself in any unnecessary danger. By following simple guidelines, you will stay completely safe with online dating. Here we have outlined the most important guidelines to follow.

Keep personal details to yourself

Don’t put your full name and contact details on your profile page or in your messages. If you do, you need to be willing to accept possible unwanted attention. Wait until you know some members a little better before you expose any details. If you choose to communicate away from the online dating website, then give out an email address before you give your phone number. It is suggested that you open a free email account especially for this purpose, so you can still protect yourself if things don’t go as you had hoped.

Don’t reply to abusive messages

Not everyone receives abusive messages, but unfortunately, some people feel it is normal behaviour to send them. They sometimes occur after being told by someone that they aren’t interested in them. People don’t always take well to rejection which is why negative rude messages happen. If you are unfortunate to receive one while using Completely Free Dating, report it straight away using the “Report” option when viewing the message.

Make sure you feel comfortable

Communicating with others on a dating website is supposed to be enjoyable, not to make you feel uncomfortable. If you ever start to feel uneasy communicating with someone and you just have a feeling that they are not as they first seemed, then stop sending messages to them. It is always best to trust your instincts. Putting yourself first is a must, so if you don’t feel comfortable, stop what you are doing.

Be aware of scammers

Unfortunately, online dating attracts scammers. Scammers befriend you and give you a sob story to make you pity them, always involving their need for some money. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are genuine, because they are most certainly not. To make sure you stay completely safe, under no circumstances do you give out your bank account details to anyone or send money, otherwise, you will become a victim and will most likely not get your money back. If you feel you are communicating with a scammer on Completely Free Dating Ireland, report them using the “Report Profile” option on their profile page. Please see our article “How to Avoid Online Dating Scams” for more information on the types of scams used and how to tell if you are in contact with a scammer.

Don’t be in a rush

You have plenty of time to get to know other members. Don’t rush into things. Relax and take your time getting to know people, otherwise, you risk missing out on key signs that you are in contact with a scammer, or you may misinterpret a message. Being full-on and in a hurry can often scare other members away, so slow down a little.

Never openly discuss your finances

Talking about your money, especially if you have a substantial amount, is a sure way to attract gold diggers and possibly even scammers. Your financial position is private and shouldn’t be mentioned. If asked about money, be careful that you aren’t talking to a possible scammer.

Learn how to judge profiles

You can learn a lot from someone’s online dating profile. It is the first thing you look at, and if they haven’t made much of an effort, then it will make you wonder if they make much of an effort with dating in general. A profile that looks too good to be true often is. A photo of a very attractive person that looks like it has been taken from a magazine is often a clear sign that the profile is not real, or at least the photo is not an image of them. It is a good idea to be wary if you decide to contact this person.

Be cautious with full-on messages

Some people claim to be in love with you or falling for you after sending only a small number of messages. They may also have a very strong personality or strong beliefs and views about particular issues. If you feel uneasy sending messages to them, then stop. They could turn out to be overbearing or even stalkers, which are always best avoided.

Remember you don’t have to communicate with anyone you don’t want to. You are responsible for your own actions and no one can make you do anything you don’t feel happy doing. These are just simple guidelines to be aware of when using online dating websites.

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