How to flirt

How to flirt
Knowing how to flirt plays a large part in dating. It can help you obtain a date, plus help you once you are on a date, therefore its importance cannot be underestimated. The purpose of flirting is to let another know that you are interested in them, using body language, voice and facial expressions to inform them. Flirting is a great way to bring people closer together and can be very sexy. However, flirting too much can have the opposite effect.There is much more to flirting than winking an eye and making small talk with someone. It is important to learn how to flirt correctly, as you don’t want to ruin a possible great flirting opportunity. Flirting is natural and everyone does it, often without even being aware of doing so. Without flirting, dating would be missing the excitement and initial connection between two people.

Here are our top tips for successful flirting:

  • Always have a smile on your face. Smiling shows that you are happy and approachable, which are both vital features for successful flirting.
  • Keep regular eye contact with the person you are flirting with, but try not to stare. Look at them, and then glance away; a few seconds later look back at them. Hopefully,r they will be looking back at you. Holding their gaze a little longer than usual is a key sign of interest.
  • Never resort to using cheesy chat-up lines. They are unnecessary and can leave you looking like a fool.
  • Always compliment the person you are talking to. Everyone likes to be complimented and receiving one makes you feel confident and happy.
  • Show a genuine interest in who you are with. Ask questions and listen to their answers. Make sure you look into their eyes when they are talking to you.
  • Talk about interests, hobbies and things you like. Try to avoid discussing things you hate, which will only make the discussion negative. Stay positive and talk about the things you enjoy.
  • Don’t fidget or do things that you normally do when nervous, such as biting nails or picking the skin around your nails. This only makes you look uncomfortable and apparent that you are nervous. You may feel like this, but try not to let the person you are with know it.
  • While talking, now and then casually touch the person you are with on the arm or even leg. This gentle contact is a sure sign that you are interested in them, but don’t overdo it.
  • Always sit or stand tall. Slouching over isn’t very flattering, and it can give off the wrong impression.
  • Hold your head up high and never talk down to the ground. You are flirting with the person next to you, not the floor.
  • Avoid folding your arms across your body. This shows that you are defensive, which isn’t the best impression to give when dating.
  • Playing with your hair, especially women, and fiddling with a straw in your drink can be seen as sexy if done right and not too much.
  • Never force flirting. If it doesn’t seem natural to you, then don’t do it. If it doesn’t feel natural, then it won’t look natural.
  • Don’t over-flirt. Too much flirting can make you look desperate and scare off a potential date.
  • Have fun and relax. Flirting is about enjoying yourself while meeting new people. If you are relaxed, flirting is more likely to feel natural to do and hopefully result in you meeting someone very special.

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