Clothing Advice for Men

Clothing Advice for Men
Regardless of the type of date, it is necessary to look clean and smart which show that you have made an effort. Wherever the date venue may be, it is vital that a man wears decent shoes. Women often look at a man’s shoes and make a judgement depending on the shoes worn. It is also important that your trousers fit well, especially around the bottom area where women are known to look. If you wear a shirt that is tucked in, make sure you accompany your look with a belt, preferably one that matches your shoes. Choose clothes that show off your positive features; a polo shirt is a good way to show off your shape. As with women, avoid large baggy items of clothing that do absolutely nothing for you.

Casual Date

Jeans are suitable for all casual dates, as long as they fit properly and are not creased or covered in stains or holes. Clean, well-fitted jeans can be accompanied by a variety of tops ranging from a polo shirt to a fancy button-up shirt. It is best to avoid bright coloured or novelty t-shirts with large logos on them; they may represent your favourite television show, film, character or music taste, but it is best to leave that item of clothing for another time. Remember to wear a belt if you choose to tuck your top into your trousers. If the weather is cold a clean jacket or smart jumper are suitable.

Sporty Date

Shorts or jogging bottoms with a t-shirt are suitable for a sporty date, making sure your shorts aren’t too small and bulging. If the weather is cold and you will be taking part in an outdoor activity then it is best to wear a sports jacket, a sweatshirt or a long-sleeved t-shirt, just as long as your movements are not restricted. When going on an active date it is suggested that you don’t wear clothes that are tight which will only make you feel uncomfortable. Clean footwear is a must, whether you wear trainers or walking shoes.

Classy Date

A classy date requires a formal look. If you are going to an upmarket restaurant, the theatre or ballet, then a tailored suit, preferably in a dark colour such as charcoal grey is appropriate. A decent suit will never go to waste. You can wear them with a variety of shirts and ties, or you can change your look completely by wearing suit trousers with just a casual shirt. Alternatively, you can wear a suit jacket with jeans or other casual trousers. A classy date doesn’t mean you must wear a suit; smart well-fitted trousers paired with a stylish shirt are also appropriate. Remember that you must wear smart shoes on a classy date. Trainers, shoes with holes or dirty shoes are not suitable for this kind of date, so make sure your footwear is clean and comfortable.

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