Dating on a Budget Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips
For great tips on how to date without spending too much, take a look at our top ten tips. For further advice, please see our article on how to date on a low budget.

Tip number 1

Remember that a great date is all about spending quality time with someone getting to know them, not about how much money you spend.

Tip number 2

You can control how expensive or inexpensive a date is. For example, a lunch date can be cheaper than a dinner date, or watching a film at home is cheaper than going to the cinema.

Tip number 3

Never try to impress your date by spending more money than you have. Stick to your budget and avoid getting into debt.

Tip number 4

There are so many ways to have a successful date without overspending. Don’t assume you must go to a fancy restaurant and spend a small fortune. There are many great date ideas that won’t cost the earth.

Tip number 5

A great date can even be completely free. Going for a long walk in the countryside or the seaside are great ways to spend quality time together; or even a walk in the park where you can feed the ducks or fly a kite, or simply sit and chat.

Tip number 6

Having a date at home is a great way to save money. As well as being cheaper than going out, you will be in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Tip number 7

When deciding where to go on a date, remember the hidden costs. Think about the cost of tickets, travel, food, drink and possibly clothing.

Tip number 8

Food can make a date costly; instead you can opt for a coffee date or a quiet drink instead which is a great alternative to going out for lunch or dinner.

Tip number 9

If you realise your date struggles to afford your dates, suggest a cheaper alternative without making them aware.

Tip number 10

If you are on a tight budget always plan your date in advance. You don’t want any unexpected hidden costs to ruin it for you. If you know you will be out all day, why not prepare a simple picnic and take drinks with you, which is cheaper than buying food out.

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