Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship Tips

Top 10 Tips

Tip Number 1

Be open about your feelings. Don’t pretend you are happy with the situation if you are not. Your partner isn’t a mind reader, so they won’t know how you feel unless you tell them.

Tip Number 2

Be realistic about your feelings. If you can’t handle a long-distance relationship then you must be honest about this whether you are about to enter, or are already in a long-distance relationship.

Tip Number 3

Be aware that long-distance relationships can be just as successful as any relationship. Just because you are physically apart doesn’t mean you are emotionally apart.

Tip Number 4

Ask your partner plenty of questions before they move away, or before you enter a long-distance relationship. If you are unsure about any aspect of your relationship, it is always a good idea to ask.

Tip Number 5

Regular communication is a must, whether it is by phone, email, text, letter or parcel. Not only will it inform your partner that you miss them, but it will also make you feel closer to them.

Tip Number 6

Don’t slack on contact and assume your partner knows how you feel further down the line. It is important that you discuss the situation throughout the long-distance relationship and keep regular contact.

Tip Number 7

Trust is vital for any relationship, especially a long-distance relationship. If you don’t trust each other then the relationship is sure to fail. Don’t constantly ring your partner demanding where they are and who with, you will most certainly destroy your relationship.

Tip Number 8

Try to have a connection and feel close to each other by doing the same activity at the same time, such as watching the same programme on television or watching the same film. It can be comforting knowing your partner is seeing and doing the same thing as you.

Tip Number 9

Living apart isn’t an excuse to cheat. Cheating is certainly unacceptable in a relationship, long-distance or not and you will be taking advantage of your partner’s trust in you.

Tip Number 10

Be positive. By being and sounding positive, your partner will more than likely feel the same. Your positivity will rub off on them and the long-distance relationship will be easier to cope with.

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