Choosing the right photo for your profile

Choosing the right photo for your profile
The image you upload onto your online dating profile can say a lot about you, so it is important to think carefully about the photo you choose to use. Remember your photo is more than likely to be the first thing that other members will look at when viewing profiles, so it is vital that you grab their attention by making a great first impression. These guidelines are certain to help you with choosing the right photo for your profile.

Make sure the photo is of you

Always upload a true picture of yourself. Never use an image of someone else, such as a model. You will always be found out, not to mention lose the trust of others.

Use a good quality photo

Regardless of the number of images you upload, make sure they are all good quality.

Use a recent photo

It may be tempting to use an out of date photo of yourself, when you looked much younger, or when you had a great hairstyle or even carrying a little less weight, but this isn’t a good idea. If you do arrange to meet up with another member, they will be expecting to see you looking similar to the picture.

Use a head shot image

It is advised that the photo is a head shot image, preferably with you looking towards the camera. That way others can clearly see your face, which is usually the first place someone will look at when they see you for the first time.

A happy image

A photo with you smiling is likely to get someone’s attention. Smiling makes you look happy and being happy is an attractive feature for many. If you don’t have a photo of you smiling, then make sure you have a friendly expression on your face, which is welcoming to others.

Don’t get lost in the background

The image should ideally have a simple or even a plain background. Having a fussy background could result in the attention being taken away from you, or you may even get lost in the picture.

Avoid passport photos

Although a passport photo is a head shot of you looking into the camera, which we recommend; they do tend to be a formal image. Formal images aren’t ideal for an online dating website; they could put someone off.

Make sure you are recognizable

People often upload a photo from a make-over which can change the way you look entirely. If you decide to meet up with another member, you want them to recognize you, so it is a good idea to avoid using photos from a make-over.

Use a unique image

If possible use a photo that is different, ensuring that stands out. It is important that it still has a clear headshot image. You want your photo to attract as many members as possible.

Avoid drunk/party images

Using a photo taken at a party, which you can’t even remember being taken due to too much drinking, is not advised. There is a chance you will be seen as a party animal or liking alcohol a bit too much. You don’t want people to make assumptions about you, so don’t give them a reason to do so.

Don’t cover your face

Your face should be clear and uncovered in your picture. Accessories such as sunglasses and hats can hide someone’s face considerably, so don’t use any photos of you wearing these.

Don’t be naked

Naked images will only be removed here at Completely Free Dating, so uploading one will be a waste of your time.

Never use sexual images

Sexual images are offensive to others and will result in your profile being removed.

Don’t include personal information

Make sure there is no personal information, such as your email address on your photo.

Make sure you are the centre of attention

People often upload an image of themselves with their pet, but the pet is usually the centre of attention. If you do choose to include your pet in your photo, make sure you are the main object that can clearly be seen.

Avoid using photos with children in

Whether the children are family or belong to friends, avoid uploading a photo with them in.

Don’t use celebrity or cartoon character images

Other members are only interested in seeing your image, not your favourite cartoon character or a face from television. You risk members overlooking your profile.

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