Online Dating Advice

Online Dating Advice
When dating, whether arranged in person, a blind date set up by friends or arranged using online dating services such as Completely Free Dating, you should always have your personal safety as your top priority. This is the most important piece of advice to remember when dating. Below we have outlined useful ways in how to keep safe while dating.

Be anonymous

It is a good idea to stay anonymous while you get to know someone. Using the messaging system provided here at Completely Free Dating will enable you to chat to someone without having to give out any details, such as your email address. If someone gives you their personal email address, don’t feel obliged to give them yours, unless you feel comfortable doing so. Never give out any personal details, unless you feel happy to do so.

Protect your identity

When filling in your online dating profile, never include any personal information that could identify you. Your full name, home phone number, mobile number, work phone number, home address, work address, personal email address, work email address or any other personal details, should be kept private. If there comes a time when you wish to disclose any of these details, then do so in a private message to another member.

Create a top-quality personal profile

Your personal profile should be as informative as possible and well written. A profile that makes an interesting read is certain to attract more people than a profile with very little details. People want to read about you, that is why they are on a dating website, so give them a reason to contact you. Make sure you include your likes, hobbies, interests, what you are looking for, what you do, etc. Include any unique interests or hobbies you may have, that make you stand out.

Honesty is the best policy

When completing your online dating profile, uploading a photo of yourself and writing messages to other members, always be truthful. Dishonesty is a quality disliked by most people and can end a relationship before it has had a chance to develop. Lies are usually found out in the end, often resulting in someone getting hurt.

Be aware of scam artists

Like most internet services, dating, unfortunately, attracts scam artists. Scam artists prey on innocent singles on dating websites and try to obtain money from them. They gain the trust of members on dating sites, tell them about a sad circumstance and ask for money to help them. Alternatively, they will make you an offer that sounds too good to miss, and then ask for money. Regardless of the story they give you, never ever send any money to anyone and never give out your bank account details.

Trust your instincts

If you don’t feel comfortable chatting so someone, then stop. Always trust your instincts, they are often right.

Report abusive behaviour

Always report abuse to us using the “Report Profile” button on the members’ profile page. Abuse comes in many forms including offensive messages, acting inappropriately, fraudulent profiles and registrations, members scamming or spamming, members selling goods or services, members asking for money or donations, and people under the age of 18 years using the service, or married people. Whether you have been directly affected, or believe a member is not acting accordingly, then please report the behaviour to us.

Be comfortable

Always make sure you are comfortable when in contact with other members or using the forum. If you aren’t happy to chat to a particular member, then simply don’t. Never feel forced to chat with someone just because they want to, you should want to be in contact with someone before you consider sending messages to them. If a conversation turns into something you don’t feel at ease with, such as in a sexual nature or too many personal questions, then simply stop. Don’t feel guilty ending a conversation.

Don’t be blinded by love

Having strong feelings for someone, especially online, is when people often make the mistake of letting their guard down. No matter how much you like someone, always be cautious, especially if you have never met the other member in person. It is better to be cautious and safe than to let your guard down a little and get hurt. Use your common sense and trust your instincts.

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