Flirting Tips – Top 10

Flirting Tip 1

Always appear approachable. Smiling and having a friendly expression on your face is a must.

Flirting Tip 2

Show genuine interest in who you are talking to.

Flirting Tip 3

Keep regular eye contact and always look at them when they or you are talking.

Flirting Tip 4

Don’t fidget and show that you are nervous.

Flirting Tip 5

Be confident. Confidence plays a large part in flirting, enabling you to flirt successfully.

Flirting Tip 6

Keep discussions positive by talking about your likes and interests.

Flirting Tip 7

Never use cheesy chat up lines, which more often than not fail.

Flirting Tip 8

Try to relax. Being relaxed will make flirting easier for you.

Flirting Tip 9

Never force flirting. It should come naturally to you, otherwise you risk looking silly.

Flirting Tip 10

Enjoy yourself. There is no point in flirting if you aren’t having fun.