The Dating Service Story

Over the years the types of dating services has transformed considerably. The only thing that hasn’t changed is their purpose. Here we have outlined the different ways in which dating services have evolved.

By hand

Commercial dating first stared back in the 1950’s. Using personal judgement singles were matched up by hand. This was the start of the dating service that we know today.

Computer dating

The next dating service to take off was computer dating. This was very popular during the 1960's and 1970's. Singles would complete s basic questionnaire giving only yes/no answers and this information was fed into a computer. The computer would read the answers and provide a list of suitable matches after searching through its database of singles that had completed the same questionnaire.

Video dating

This service was offered during the 1980's and 1990's. It involved a short video presentation being made by a customer which was put onto a VHS video tape. The presentation would be about the customer, typically stating similar information that people include in their online dating profiles nowadays. This video tape was distributed to other customers to watch and make a decision on.

Phone dating

Around the same period as video dating, phone dating offered something different. It allowed singles to interact with each other by phone, usually allowing many people to speak together in a conference style call. The downside to this dating service was the large phone bill customers received after a long phone call charged by the minute. It did have the bonus of allowing customers to speak to one another, but the expense put many people off.

Speed dating

This dating service evolved in the 1990's. It allowed singles to meet a number of different singles during one event, making it quick and easy to meet new people.

Internet dating

During the mid to late 1990's the dating service changed again. This time the internet was responsible and online dating arrived. This opened up a huge opportunity for singles to search for their perfect match in the comfort of their own home, attracting a vast number of people. Today, online dating is used by an immense population.

Television dating

Game shows such as "Blind Date" has provided both entertainment and a dating service with a difference. Television dating started in the 1970's with "The Dating Game" made by producer by Chuck Barris. Television dating is still around, although in a different format, such as "The Batchelor" and "Joe Millionaire".