Things People Hate about Dating

Things People Hate about Dating

There are many things about dating that people find very irritating, some things more than others. As everyone is different, we all have our own personal things we hate about dating, but having said that there are several dislikes everyone can agree on. Here we have outlined the most common things people hate about dating.

People with bad hygiene

There are no excuses for bad hygiene on a date. Personal appearance is a huge factor in dating, so having bad hygiene can have disastrous effects on the successfulness of your date. Arrangements to meet up are made in advance, giving you plenty of time to ensure you look and smell your best for the date. By turning up with poor hygiene you are not making a good first impression at all, it could in fact be the last time you see the person you are meeting. No one likes getting close to someone who has strong body odours and people certainly don’t like kissing someone with foul-smelling breath. Before you go on a date allow yourself time to have a shower or bath, wash your hair, shave and clean your teeth. Don’t forget to wear deodorant, brush and comb your hair, make sure your nails are clean and tidy and wear some perfume or aftershave ensuring you don’t overdo it and avoid the cheap smelling ones. Make sure your clothes are freshly washed and ironed and your shoes are clean. People often think by changing their shirt and running a comb through their hair, it’s enough to impress their date, but hygiene is an area people notice, especially on a date. For further advice please see our style tips section.

People who lie

Lying on a date, or exaggerating the truth happens a great deal. People usually lie to appear interesting and more exciting, or even to appear like a completely different person. No one likes being lied to however big or small the lie is. Remember the truth usually comes out in the end, so it is best to be honest from the start about who you are. People often think one small lie won’t do any harm, but those who tell small lies and feel they have got away with it start to tell bigger lies and the situation can get out of control. A lie is not the best basis to start a relationship on and will probably result in someone getting hurt. There is more chance of a date being successful if you tell the truth from the start as people really appreciate honesty. By lying you risk losing someone who could have been a great match for you. Whether it is you who has lied, or whether you have been lied to, you can be sure that the relationship will never be successful as it will be lacking trust and honesty which are both vital factors to make a relationship work.

Drinking too much

Alcohol and dating don’t go well together. Drinking too much on a date can have disastrous effects. You risk not remembering most of the date as well as making a complete fool of yourself by behaving idiotically, which guarantees to end the chance of a relationship developing. Slurring words, toppling over, talking nonsense, being loud and even being sick are not attractive features and will probably scare your date off. As well as making you look a fool, drinking too much on a date can make you vulnerable. You could be putting yourself at risk especially if you barely know your date; your judgement will be impaired and you won’t be in control of your situation. However, one small drink before a date to give you courage is acceptable, as long as it’s only one drink otherwise you might be too merry to remember where you are going.

Money talk

Money can be a sensitive subject; therefore it’s best to avoid discussing it on a date. Don’t try to impress your date by boasting about how much money you have if you are financially well off. You will only end up making them feel uncomfortable, particularly if they have money worries. You also put yourself at risk from people wanting to date your money, not you, and you could end up being taken advantage of. Alternatively, if you are struggling financially don’t pretend you are wealthy by taking your date to fancy restaurants; you will only make your financial situation worse and your date will expect to go somewhere upmarket on each date. Never ask your date how much they earn or how much money they have as you will appear intrusive and possibly embarrass them. Money is a private subject so don’t expect your date be open about it when you meet up. To save any awkwardness always keep dates affordable; it’s all about getting to know each other while enjoying yourself and not about how much money you spend. Save money talk until you know each other quite well.

People who brag

It’s always nice to talk about successful areas in your life, but bragging about them is a major turn off. Bragging about what possessions you own, or about your situation in life can make you come across as being arrogant and self-centred. There is nothing wrong with sharing your success stories and being proud of all you have achieved, but talking only about yourself throughout the date isn’t recommended. If you wish to share a success story then make sure you bring your date into the conversation too and ask them about their life and appear interested in what they say.


Arriving late for a date, especially a first date, is not the best way to make a good impression. You risk your date not waiting around for you, not to mention how embarrassed they must have felt waiting alone for you. If you know you are running behind on time be courteous and inform your date that you are running a bit behind enabling you to change the time of meeting slightly. If you know your date will already be at the venue, again inform them that you are on your way. It is better that they know you are coming a little late, rather than leave them wondering where you are and if you are actually going to turn up. If you know you aren’t that great at timekeeping, make sure you give yourself extra time to get ready for the date and arrive on time, even early if necessary.

Inappropriate clothing

Your clothing is very important on a date. It can reflect how much effort you have put into preparing for the occasion. You don’t have to wear expensive clothing to make a good impression; you just simply need to dress sensibly, appropriately and look your best. Dressing appropriately for your date location is essential, otherwise, you will look silly and could make a bad impression. Wearing a fancy outfit on a casual date, such as to the cinema, isn’t a good idea; plus wearing scruffy jeans or unwashed clothes to a fancy restaurant also isn’t appropriate. You need to look like you’ve made an effort, even if this means being slightly overdressed; this is always better than looking like you haven’t bothered to look your best. It is also suggested that you don’t wear clothing that is too tight, revealing, dirty and scruffy.

People using mobiles

Being on a date is not the time to be sending text messages or chatting to friends or family on your mobile. You will appear rude and seem as if you don’t want to be spending time with your date, plus your date will feel uncomfortable. If someone phones you, simply tell your caller you will phone back at a more convenient time or leave it to go to voicemail. Respect your date and leave your phone in your pocket or handbag, preferably on silent.

Discussing Ex’s

Mentioning an ex on a date, especially a first date, is never a good idea. Wait until you know each other a little more until you have the ex’s discussion. You are on a date together looking towards the future, not to chat about your past failed relationships. The last thing you want to do is make your date feel uncomfortable; dates can be stressful enough without mentioning an ex.

Smoking on a date

If you both smoke, then it won’t be an issue, but if you smoke and your date doesn’t, or vice versa, then it can become a problem. For many people, smoking is a disgusting habit and the smell of cigarette smoke is sickening. The thought of kissing someone with cigarette breath is a major turn off, so if you smoke try to freshen your breath before you get close to your date. No one is saying you have to give up smoking, simply try to be considerate around your date and keep your smoking to a minimum when you are in their company. Smoking is your habit and those around you may not wish to share it with you.

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