Advantages of being Single at Christmas

Advantages of being Single at Christmas
Christmas time should be a time for celebration and happiness but in reality, it brings both joy and sadness to everyone. It can be a tough time for many reasons. However, being single isn’t something to be sad about at Christmas time. Just because you aren’t in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you are alone. Instead of dreading Christmas without a partner, make the most of the festive time and give yourself a Christmas to remember.

Spend time with your family and friends

You can focus on your family and friends, rather than spreading yourself thinly having to spend time with a partner and their family and friends. You won’t feel guilty spending time with family rather than a partner. Whether your plans include watching telly, going for a walk, or even playing games, you’ll be able to spend as much quality time with your family and friends as you wish.

Make lots of plans and go to as many events as possible

Attending as many festive events as possible will certainly give you the chance to have fun and meet many new people. You will probably make your friends in relationships a little jealous. Christmas is the perfect reason to socialise. Take advantage of having the freedom to go where you want and when you want.

Enjoy yourself at parties

Being free and single at Christmas parties gives you the perfect opportunity to mingle with whomever you like and let your hair down. Maybe try to mingle under the mistletoe. You certainly won’t be the only single person there, so don’t arrive believing you will be.

Buy yourself the perfect present

Instead of receiving a moderate gift from a partner, why not treat yourself to the perfect gift. Remember all the money you’re saving by not buying a present for a partner, which is another perfect excuse to buy yourself something you really want. There’s nothing stopping you from wrapping it up and popping it under your tree until Christmas morning.

No hassle finding that perfect gift for a partner

Buying gifts for a partner is usually a nightmare and knowing the perfect present is nearly impossible. Being single you won’t have to have the bother of finding that impossible ideal present. That gives you more time and money to spend on you!

Not having to buy presents for a partner’s family

It’s hard enough buying a present for a partner, but it can be even harder choosing gifts for their family. Again, think of the money you’re saving and the stress you won’t have to put yourself under.

No need to run from family to family

Spreading your time between families at Christmas can be very stressful. Running from one Christmas celebration to another is exhausting. By being single you don’t have to share your time with a partner’s family, allowing you to be with just your loved ones.

You can eat what you want

There’s always plenty of delicious food over the Christmas period. Overindulging won’t be a problem, as you won’t have to worry or feel embarrassed about a partner seeing you bloated and unable to move from the sofa. You’ll have the freedom to tuck into the Quality Street, or Roses, as much as you like without concern.

Watch whatever you want on the telly

You will have full control of your telly and can watch whatever you want over the Christmas period.

Make your own plans

Being single will give you the freedom of making your own plans and not compromising with a partner to keep everybody happy. Fill your time with all the festive things you like doing and spend it with the special people in your life.

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