People You Should Avoid Dating

People You Should Avoid Dating
There are many different personalities in the world, some more compatible with you than others. Although it isn’t easy finding someone who is well-matched with you, you know yourself what you do and don’t like in a potential date. There are certain types of characteristics that most people will do their best to avoid in a partner. Below are types of people you should avoid dating unless you’re prepared for an eventful dating experience.

Someone Insecure

Dating someone who deep down has trouble trusting you isn’t the best person to have as a partner. At first, you’ll find yourself reassuring them, but eventually, you’ll end up feeling like they don’t trust you. If they ask you to stay faithful every time you go out without them or go away on business, then there’s something seriously wrong. Being insecure usually stems from a bad dating experience, but it can lead to a challenging relationship.


Never continue dating someone who doesn’t like you having friends and interests of your own. This sort of person will want to control every aspect of your life until you have no life of your own. Every decision you make will be criticised, including what you have chosen to wear. You will feel suffocated and have no option but to end the relationship.

Emotionally unavailable

Having a relationship with someone who won’t let you into his or her life emotionally is practically impossible. If they don’t open up to you and allow you to share their feelings then there’s no way you can have a future together.

A player

Unfortunately, people like this do exist. They will play you so you feel incredibly special at the time, but behind your back, they’re seeing other people and using you for fun. This type of person is usually very vain and quite selfish, always putting their interests first. Even if you’re aware of their reputation, don’t make the mistake of thinking things will be different with you and that you can change them, as that isn’t likely at all.

Dependant on you

Although it’s nice-looking out for one another, you don’t want to feel like you’re the one making all the decisions and even feel like you’re living their life for them. Being depended on constantly will eventually become too much for you, especially if they start to rely on you more and more leaving you feeling suffocated.

Someone who won’t commit

When you first start dating you tend to avoid talking about long-term plans with each other. Normally you talk about the there and now situation, so you won’t initially be aware if your date is someone who won’t commit. Unfortunately, you end up falling for them before you realise you’re wasting your time, if you’re after something more serious. The chances of you changing someone who won’t commit are slim, so it’s best not to get your hopes up and move on.


With some careers, work must come first. However, there are some people who put work first when there is no need to. There’s nothing wrong with someone being career-driven, but when it interferes with their personal life and upsets partners, it’s time to realise that this sort of person will always put you second to their job.

The Unavailable

Never agree to date someone who is married or already in a relationship. You’re simply asking for trouble and heartbreak.

Someone on the Rebound

If you know the person you’re interested in has just split up from someone, then it’s best to avoid him or her, for a while anyway. Even if they show interest towards you, it’s still best to slow down and remember they’ve recently been through a breakup and you’re more than likely the rebound person. As tempting as it may be, you could well be setting yourself up for getting hurt.

The big kid

Some adults behave like children. The last thing you want is to date someone but feel like you’re his or her parent; it’s not an attractive feature at all. Immaturity might seem like a bit of fun at times, but when it’s constant it certainly won’t help a relationship last. You’ll get frustrated and feel like you’ve wasted so much time on a big kid.

The Gold-digger

It’s hard to know if the person you’re dating is simply dating your money. At first, you won’t be aware, but be careful if conversation always turns to finance and if they start asking to go to extravagant places or even hint about receiving expensive gifts.

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