How to end a bad date

How to end a bad date
In the ideal world, every date you go on would go to plan and be successful. In reality, this doesn’t happen. It is possible for a date to go well, but be unsuccessful for compatibility. If you are unfortunate to find yourself on a bad date, you need to know how to handle the situation as smoothly as possible. You might want to hurry the date along so you can leave early, or even end the date abruptly. Just because you are on a date with this person, it doesn’t automatically mean there will be another, so try to focus on getting through that particular date. Don’t lead them on and imply that you would like to see them again if you have no intention of it. How ever you choose to deal with the situation, it is important that you are honest. Don’t lead your date on and imply that you would like to see them again if you have no intention of it.

What to do if you don’t want to arrange a second date

  • When telling someone face to face that the date didn’t work for you, it can be very uncomfortable, especially because you don’t know how they will react. When you explain how you feel make sure you are in a location where there are other people about. Although you might be worried about your date causing a scene, that is better than something far worse happening if the two of you were alone. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • If you met your date through an online dating website such as Completely Free Dating, then you have the option of declining a second date via a message or email. Simply end the first date politely stating that you had a nice time and will be in touch. This gives you a chance to think of how to kindly say no to a future date, but don’t leave it too long. Ignoring them might seem like an easy option, but it isn’t the right way. It is important that you inform them of your decision, just in case they are waiting to hear from you and felt the date was successful.
  • If explaining in person that you don’t wish to arrange a second date, try not to drag it out for too long. Be polite but firm and end the situation as soon as possible, making sure they don’t follow you.
  • Never be rude. There is no point in being rude to your date just because you don’t want to see them again. Even if they weren’t the best company to be with, being rude won’t help the situation.
  • However you end the date, always thank them for the first date.
  • Treat your date how you would like to be treated if the situation was reversed.
  • Putting your feelings into words can be hard, especially if you are talking to someone face to face. If questioned about why you don’t want to arrange a second date, either in person, by phone, message or email, you could say something such as the chemistry wasn’t right between you, or you didn’t feel a connection. It might seem like a lame excuse to some, but you can’t have a connection with everyone.
  • Don’t feel guilty for not wanting a second date. It is down to you who you wish to date. There is no point in arranging a future date if you won’t feel comfortable. It is kinder to let them down after the first date than drag the situation on.

What to do if your date doesn’t want to arrange a second date

  • You might feel that the date went well, but it doesn’t automatically mean that your date will want to arrange a second date. Assuming there will be a second date could lead to disappointment for you.
  • If your date tells you to your face that they don’t want to see you again, try not to react badly. You may feel rejected, even angry, but don’t make a bad situation for you even worse. Try to accept the situation as best as you can.
  • Don’t interrogate your date about why they felt the date wasn’t a success. It might just simply be they felt no connection with you, so don’t give them another reason for not wanting to see you again.
  • Listen to the reason your date gives you for not wanting a second date; they could actually make some valid points, which could help you have more successful dates in the future.
  • It takes two people to make a date work, so don’t blame yourself if it isn’t a success.
  • If your date doesn’t let you down in the best manner, try not to take what they say to heart. People often find it easier to be nasty, than be upfront and honest. They could even make up some excuses for not wanting a second date, so don’t always take their excuses personally.
  • If your date lets you down by email or message through an online dating website, don’t reply with an abusive response. If however, they send you an unnecessary abusive message, particularly through an online dating service, don’t reply, simply report them immediately.
  • Remember that you can’t have successful dates with everyone. Dating is about finding someone to share part of your life with and enjoying yourself; in order to do that, you need to meet someone who you feel you have a connection with. If your date felt they didn’t have a connection with you, then they obviously weren’t the one for you.

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