Top 10 Meeting in Person Tips

Top 10 Tips

Tip Number 1

You must feel completely happy to meet up with someone. Never agree to meet if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Tip Number 2

Always arrange to meet somewhere you are familiar with that is well lit and preferably in a public place.

Tip Number 3

Make sure you tell friends and family your plans. Inform them of who, where and when you are meeting and if possible a time you hope to be home by.

Tip Number 4

Don’t let your guard down and assume you know the person you are meeting well. You can never truly know someone just by sending messages.

Tip Number 5

Avoid alcohol if possible, or only have one drink. Drinking too much can put you in danger by impairing your judgement.

Tip Number 6

Always make your own travel arrangements, even if you need to rely on a friend to give you a lift.

Tip Number 7

Keep your bag and your drink in sight at all times. You don’t want to risk your drink being spiked or your personal details being obtained without your consent.

Tip Number 8

Always take a mobile phone with you on your date, just in case you need to use it, or to inform someone that you are safe.

Tip Number 9

Do not agree to go back to your date’s home, regardless of how comfortable you feel with them; after all, they are still relatively a stranger to you.

Tip Number 10

Don’t feel pressurised into making arrangements for a second date. Only arrange a second date if you feel comfortable doing so.

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